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Ruru House is an early learning centre, architecturally designed with children at the heart of all that we do.  Nestled in nature, just outside of the township of Lepperton, Taranaki.  Offering whānau the opportunity to have their taonga nurtured and educated amongst nature and loved by qualified educators who live and breathe teaching. 

A person’s a person no matter how small
— Dr Seuss
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why choose ruru for your child?


At Ruru House we value the importance of quality early learning. Our kaiako have been carefully chosen to ensure they have the special qualities needed to nurture and care for children while fostering learning. Our kaiako are trained, qualified and registered, with many years experience. Children will experience real work: real baking, real meals, real gardening, and real crafts as in harakeke weaving, wood work, real experiences; exploring their environment, using resources creatively and sharing experiences with others. A day at Ruru House is filled with exploration, fun, curiosity, anchored against times to come back together and share meals and converse about our day.


We are committed to open, positive relationships with whānau & their tamariki. We revere the role of the whānau as children’s first teachers. We encourage whānau to become active members of our learning community, sharing with us their own knowledge and experiences. Whanaungatanga (partnerships with whānau and our community) are essential and influential to a child’s own sense of belonging to our own learning community. Ruru has an open door policy, we welcome whānau, extended whānau to visit, share skills, knowledge or just join us for a cup of tea.



Ruru House, nestled in the countryside, is a purpose built early learning centre with the child at the center of everything we do. Our early learning centre has been specifically designed so that children can immerse themselves in nature and what the unique surroundings have to offer. We have large rolling paddocks at our doorstep, a meandering river, shadowed by two large macrocarpa trees that are home to our resident Ruru. At our early learning centre we have a commitment to ensuring that children are empowered to become kaitiaki and take an active role in nurturing all living things; garden, land, animals and each other. We have been fortunate to receive special funding to minimise waste within our community . This is why we are committed to supplying cloth nappies for the duration of your child’s time attendance.

home like setting 

Ruru House has been purpose built to support children’s unfolding development. Children need the right environment both emotionally and physically. We are committed to providing children with the best raw materials/recycled/purpose picked resources with uninterrupted time to explore. Inviting spaces that foster curiosity and relationships that support children emotionally is the recipe for learning . This is why we have not compromised on providing space for children to explore and be nurtured. 

Teaching is a work of heart”
— unknown



Our vision is to provide childcare you can trust and to make life easier for you. We make your morning easier by providing everything your child needs including nutritious home cooked meals, cows milk, cloth nappies, wipes and sunscreen, online journal access. If your child requires formula you can supply a tin or container for the day.

The above is all included in the fees below for their enrolled time.

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Te Kōpae 0-2.5/3 years Te Koko 2.5/3-6 years

(2 day enrolments may be available, depending on availability)

Mini day 6.5 hours between 7:45am - 5:15pm (minimum 6.5 hours per day)

Full day 7 - 9.5 hours between 7:45am – 5:15pm

*Because each child develops at his or her own pace, the age ranges are approximate only, children will move from one room to the next when he or she is ready.

additional information

To obtain a clear indication of the fees for your child, please contact us and we will be happy to provide this for you.

Full fees are payable 52 weeks of the year and have been calculated and spread over the year on this basis.

We are closed for a period over the Christmas New Years period (normally Christmas Eve onwards), notice will be given of these dates early in the year.

There are two teacher only days per year. No fees will be charged on these days and dates will be given at the beginning of the year.

20 Hours ECE

Ruru House participates in the Government’s “20 Hours ECE” scheme for children over 3 years of age. Parents and guardians are required to complete an attestation form stating the days and hours (up to 6 hours per day, 20 hours per week) they want provided by Ruru House under this scheme.

If would like information regarding child care subsidy payment click here.

To see the current child care subsidy income thresholds you can find those here.

Every baby has three wishes: they wish to feel safe, they wish to feel loved, and they wish to feel respected
— Pennie Brownlee


enrolment application


If you are ready to join the Ruru whānau, please fill out our enrolment form by clicking on the link below.

Please note, that unless you have a confirmed space, this form does not guarantee your enrolment. Please complete all the fields, along with providing us with a copy of your child’s identification and immunisation records (if immunised).

Alternatively you can arrange a time to come in to visit the uniquely special Ruru environment and pick up the forms.



Waiting List




about US

Kia ora,

My name is Anna and I am owner, operator and qualified teacher here at Ruru House. You will see me amongst the tamariki and other kaiako.  My husband Nathan works locally in Bell Block.  He likes to be behind the scenes, tinkering in his shed, inventing cool resources and offering moral support. Joe is our son and you will be seeing him at Ruru.  He is our chief resource tester, playground critic and lover of fish and chips.  You may come across other members of my whānau as Ruru is situated on our whānau land.

I was born and raised on the land where Ruru is built and reside next door.  I feel connected to this land and feel a responsibility (kaitiaki) to ensure it is nurtured.  I have had a vision for long time to be able to offer our extended family land as a place for discovery and learning. A base for children to foster a love of nature and that supports children to take healthy risks to develop their sense of self.

Before embarking on my teaching journey we lived in Wellington then abroad and worked in a range of roles that focused on business administration and IT support.  The opportunity arose to come back to settle in Lepperton, a real slice of paradise in our corner of the world.  The urge to become a teacher grew and I became qualified through Canterbury University in 2011. 

We hope you feel at home at Ruru House 💚


246 Richmond Road, Lepperton

Our Hours

Monday to Friday 7.45am - 5.15pm

w: www.ruruhouse.co.nz

Centre owner

Anna Ryder (BTchLn ECE)

p: 021 156 3300

e: anna@ruruhouse.co.nz

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Education is not a linear process of preparation for the future: it is about cultivating the talents and sensibilities through which we can live our best lives in the present and create the future for ourselves”
— Sir Ken Robinson